Web MD

No matter what symptoms, pains, aches, or afflictions  you enter in to Web MD, it will always come up with the same thing: Cancer.
I have diagnosed myself with cancer over 11 times in the last month.
To be fair, it’s usually the 4th or 5th diagnosis on the list.
But that’s juuuuuuuust enough to make you think you’re gonna die.


P.S. Let’s have fun with the comments this week! What are some things you’ve gotten lodged into YOUR head?

2 Replies to “Web MD”

  1. I was born with a brain lodged in my head. My best attempts to remove it have failed. They say it’ll do more harm to have it removed and that I should just learn to live with it.

  2. My parents called 911 when my lil sis stabbed me in the eye with a scented marker. She got tired of the old ‘smell this..oops I got your nose!’ routine.

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