Some scary things to hear while you’re under:

“Well we can’t sew him up until we find the nurse’s contact!”
“Wait, I thought YOU were the doctor.”
“You said the RIGHT testicle, right?”
“Huh… Do you ever cut open a body, just to forget why you went in there in the first place?”
“Dang it Gina, I told you to leave those nachos on the instrument’s table!”

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  • Nwdotson

    Get that cat outta here!

  • Stacie

    “Wait, is there an instruction manual for this thing?”

  • Tia Rose

    “Sometimes I wonder if anything really matters…”

    • That’s something you don’t want to hear your pilot say!

  • Mike Huston

    “Is it supposed to spurt like that?”

  • Jesse

    Did you say he’s on Obamacare?