Go On!

No, this is not a guest artist.

I’m trying a new style out.

Let me know what you think!

9 Replies to “Go On!”

  1. It may just be that I’m not familiar with it yet, but this style made it a little hard to understand the panels as quickly as normal. I had more difficulty immediately interpreting the characters’ facial expressions, particularly with regards to their eyes. I had to break between text and face a couple of times to be comfortable with it.

    1. Thhhhhhhhhhhhank you. Very constructive.
      Boy, I’ve been having so much trouble with the eyes… I try to make them as circular and normal as possible, but they keep on ending up all long! 🙁
      Maybe you could give me a few pointers on making “not horrible eyes”? You must be an expert. Are you an optometrist?

  2. reposting some comments from another site:

    ThePsychopath1 hour ago
    What the hell is this? This style is horrible. What’s with their eyes?

    Headsprouter1 hour ago
    Somebody’s trying really hard to have a wacky art style. And only succeeding in making their characters difficult to look at.

    KingofMoonMen1 hour ago
    Everyone thinks that they’re a cartoonist these days. Please, do us all a favor and ask ten of your friends to give an honest opinion before you assault our eyes with your humor black holes.
    And, please god, don’t draw your eyes like this.

    Rox36026 minutes ago
    Yes, good job inventing an art style that makes your characters’ expressions impossible to read.

    GracieTheGlaceon9 minutes ago
    Why would you draw anything like that?!

    Sariiasjust now
    Your art style is terrible and you take too long to say anything.

  3. Your art style is fine without this. You’ve got your own thing and even after reading just a few of your comics I could pick yours out if I saw them somewhere else. You don’t need to reach so far out of the box that you destroy the readability of your character’s expressions. Readers generally only glimpse at the characters for a moment while their eyes pass from panel to panel, so the expressions really need to be readable in an instant.

    Their faces ended up being so distracting that I still haven’t read the text.

    You don’t deserve all this hate you are getting for trying something new, but stick with what’s working, and refine it, rather than jumping off the deep end like this.

    1. Thanks Bruce. Those are some good points. That really helps.

      Thanks for the positive feedback too. I’ve never been the target of an internet mobbing of this magnitude before. It’s been interesting. It’s nice to know there’s so many people that think I care about their opinion.

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